From the Guru’s Desk


People often say that “Knowledge is power” and information is liberating”; what gives the opportunity to attain knowledge and information is EDUCATION. In today’s world, people have often misunderstood the meaning of education as a whole, rather making it synonymous to glorious marksheets and what we often forget is Marksheets are not a guarantee to happy and successful life. The aim of education lies not in cramming facts but in imbibing the values that will help students navigate through turmoils in life.

Education system faces an enormous task of securing appropriate jobs and inculcating values that would make students a better human being. With modernization Education system has advanced, no doubt, but the fundamental question is “DOES IT HAVE THE DESIRED IMPACT”? The need of today’s learners is to evolve as rapidly as the technology. We keep looking for a SILVER BULLET to fire our system and yet we often ignore the best answer we have; OUR TEACHERS and that’s where “CHANGE LEARNING SPHERE” would make a difference. Our team believes that the role of real education is to do away with the placebos of education through discovery, innovation, ideation, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, skill management, individually tailored programs and of course making appropriate use of technology.

Our aim here at CHANGE LEARNING SPHERE is to strike a balance between contemporary narrative of education and our quest for creating refined individuals who eventually would play a critical role in the future. We believe that. “Once passion is developed for learning, we will never cease to grow“. Come let us empower education, ‘the most powerful weapon’, which we can use to change the world at CHANGE LEARNING SPHERE.