Why Change Learning Sphere ?

CHANGE is the process of causing a function, practice or things to become different somehow compared to what it was in the past. Change is inevitable in life, It may either be positive or negative but it’s the way life continues and this makes the journey of life interesting & adventurous. Similarly, we at CHANGE LEARNING SPHERE after experiencing & observing the changed paradigm & dynamics, in which a children has to learn, perform, & compete, have developed a Pedagogy to best suit the needs of the ever changing & evolving learning requirements.

Our team at CHANGE LEARNING SPHERE is committed towards overall development of your ward be it curricular or extracurricular & Craft him/her as per their acumen & aptitude, based on a specially designed performance matrix to keep the parents informed & students aware about their areas of interest & help them focus on their potential & be the makers of their own destiny.



  • Personalized Attention
  • Constant Observation From one Mentor 
  • Isolated Learning & No Competition
  • No Counseling
  • No Mentoring
  • No Value-Based Education
  • Expensive 
  • Old School Training


  • Big Teacher to Student ratio
  • Little Observation
  • Unhealthy Competition
  • No Counseling
  • No Mentoring
  • No Value-based Education
  • Cheap
  • Old School Rote Training


  • Empathetic & Supportive attention (Small Teacher to Student ratio)
  • Guided & Confident observation from many Thoughtful & Insightful mentors
  • Collaborative learning & Healthy Competition from a smaller Group
  • Supportive, career-driven Counselling & Orientation
  • Mentor for life: Look at child’s Potential & Helps Bridging the Gap
  • Value-Based Principled & Goal-oriented Education from Diversified mentors
  • Cost-effective & Saves Money
  • Solution-Oriented 21st Century Preparedness-Creative writing, Public Speaking etc

Specifics of Classroom Programme

  • 6 days a week class.
  • Snap test after completion of every chapter.
  • Smart Classes.
  • One to one interaction with teachers.
  • SRP- Student Review Programme.
  • KYA- Know your Aptitude.
  • Regular Parents Meet.
  • Weekly personality Development classes.
  • Thorough Revision of syllabus before school/Board exam to achieve excellent Marks.
  • Bridging Course
  • 24×7 Query Resolution through Telegram.
  • Academic pedagogy is designed by rigorous pattern proofing of major competative exams
  • Fully updated study Material & work book based on NEW CBSE EXAM PATTERN-2020 (Application based Problem).
  • Transportation Facility also available.
  • Safety & Security.